Takeshi Kitano - a filmography
I designed and animated this piece as an homage to the cinema of Takeshi Kitano and to japanese culture
Music: "Ballade"  "Brother " / Joe Hisaishi
Credit music : "Gamble"  / Tokimonsta
This work is a six months work done in five years on different periods.

After make 'Stanley Kubrick - a filmography" I was in an energy to create movie poster, I kept going naturally with a japanese movie maker (because I lived one year in Japan in 2006 and I like japanese culture a lot) First, I've made twelve poster, some were good, some were bad. Then, I switch on something else and Tim Burton - a filmography on next 

After Twin Peaks illustrated, I received good feedback from the skills of floating layer in the ending credits, I decided to develop it. I thought it would be interesting to mix in a motion works movies and motion design. Indeed, I often use screenshot to make my illustrations. 

The motion works took me 3 months to be done, I bought all the DVD, sync it with the poster, redo some weakest posters. I really did my best to 
behind an animation, layers move in a composition
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