I always wanted to make a title sequence. 

Last year, I had few opportunities, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. This year, a canadian director approach me for their new title sequence.
They made already a first title sequence last year, but for the second season, they wanted something in the style of my previous animation: Breaking Bad illustrated.
After made the six characters of the series in illustrations, I choose at first simple background and then, I decide to add more background of the character and textures, pattern in link with the universe of the series.
My client was very demanding,I deliver at first a very simple version but she was a bit upset, I decide to find out how to bring more dynamism and sense to this opening.
After one final week of work and by trying new things, I made this and I'm very proud to could improve my style. I hope you will enjoy as well. I am very grateful to Isabel to gave me that opportunity to make title sequence for the first time.
Manigances is a canadian series in french language, you can watch it to this link: http.kebwebtv/m2
Music Jérôme Boisvert
Logo Manigances animation : Julien Lafrancesco
Directed : Isabel Dréan
Production : Simon Coté
Script : Ghislain O'Prêtre
Editing : Maxime Poirier
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